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June 19 – 21 | SAN DIEGO

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Contact: Gina Scibetta, membership associate, at or 202.585.0108.

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Ambassador Program

VITAL2024 is a key way to connect with fellow leaders at hospitals providing safety net care. We’re looking for member ambassadors to give a warm welcome to first-time attendees by sharing your conference experiences, highlighting key events, and helping attendees make the most of their time at VITAL2024.

Application deadline is May 31.

About the Ambassador Program

  • Ambassadors will be paired with one or two first-time attendees in early June and introduced by email the week before the conference. The pairs should arrange in advance when and where to meet.
  • Ambassadors will be available to their paired participant(s) to help navigate the conference and aid networking.
  • Staff will provide information to ambassadors about their paired participant(s), the association, and the conference.
  • Commitment:
    • Email your first-time attendee before VITAL2024.
    • Arrange to meet during the conference.
    • Be available to your assigned first-time attendee(s) and others throughout the conference.
  • Qualifications:
    • Ambassadors must be current employees of a full member hospital or health system.
    • Ambassadors must have attended a past annual conference of America’s Essential Hospitals.
    • Ambassadors must be registered to attend VITAL2024.

Why volunteer as an ambassador?

  • Help first-time attendees navigate and make the most of their experience at VITAL2024 by sharing your experience and expertise.
  • Give back to the essential hospital community by welcoming members who are new to our events.
  • Grow your network at the annual conference.
  • Play a larger, more integral role in VITAL2024 and support America’s Essential Hospitals.


Note: You will need to sign in to our member portal to apply.



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